Online video marketing: trends, tips and examples of best practice

As the online world is continuously evolving, more and more innovative ways of marketing are emerging each day. Video marketing, is a form of advertising that is on the rise and has the power to affect millions, yes millions! It also helps drive traffic to your website as it’s more interactive and engaging.

Still not on board? Well then have a read of the the top tips for creating video marketing, best examples of company videos and recent trends and stats on video marketing that I’ve compiled right here for you! Enjoy.


Take a look at some of these key video marketing trends and stats – 

  • Cisco state that “By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic”. This just illustrates that companies must jump on board with this up and coming internet takeover.


  • Want your self to become a globally recognised brand? Video marketing receives 1200% more shares than text and images together. Video is a great and easy way for people to share your content and get your name out there.


  • Video marketing through one of the most recognised websites, YouTube, will not only create greater awareness but will also will boost your SEO. Google ranks websites based on their online activity and marketing through YouTube is a powerful way to increase your SEO ranking.
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  • Four times as many customers state they would rather watch a video about the product than read about it. This allows companies to get creative with the way that they promote their products. For example, they could create “how to” videos and therefore increase customer satisfaction and raise the number of hits to their page.
  • Video marketing trend will revitalise email marketing. Email marketing is still used as a way of communication. According to Forbes, companies will have to rely less on context based emails and focus more on email marketing that includes videos, in order to increase engagement and interaction with the brand.

A brilliant example of a company that created a video email marketing campaign, that ended up going viral was Cadbury, with their drum playing gorilla clip. The clip began as an video marketing technique to be included within their customers emails but it developed into such a hit that it then ran as a TV advertising and cinema commercial.

Below are some TOP TIPS and great examples, on how to create great video marketing content.

Ensure they are relatable –

A great way to grab someone’s attention, make them feel like they can relate to the video clip that they are watching. According to Reelseo, relatable videos are one of the best ways of increase your content share and achieving a good viral share.

Dove’s beauty campaign, is an example of video marketing done right. It became viral over night as they gave the people a reason to share their video, it was relatable! It incorporated emotion, feelings and captured the true meaning of creative content that appealed to a large audience.


Keep them short –

You have to remember people have a short attention span when it comes to scrolling down through their news feeds. Make them long enough to get your point across but short enough to hold your customer attention. Marketing Land stated that, once you have created enough marketing videos, you can see where the demand is for longer length videos.

Give behind the scenes content –

people love the idea of receiving or viewing exclusive content. Going behind the scenes with your video marketing is a great way for companies to be completely transparent to all of their followers. Sprout Social say that it allows consumers to see what things look like from the brands perspective. It allows consumers to see that you are more than just a product or service, it enables you to put a human face on your brand. Burberry captivate the eyes of hundreds with their, behind the scene shots of their products.


and last but definitely not least,

Make them UNEXPECTED –

This is the essence of grabbing someone’s attention and creating a great video. In Kevin Alloca’s TedTalk he explains why unexpectedness is essential in order to make your video go viral.


If video marketing is not already part of your marketing strategy, I highly recommend that it should. If you’re not including it, you’re behind the crowd and if your competitors are doing it already, then they’re winning!

Until next time,