Top 5 tips for a brilliant blog post

If you’re reading this, then I bet you’re thinking of taking your very own path down blogging lane? Do it! It’s brilliant and I’ve put together some of my top tips to get you right on your way!

Blogging has been around for a while, but has only just recently taken off in popularity. My aim is to help you join this new trend. Merriam-Webster says that blogging is an online site, “on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences”. Blogging is booming! To mention but a few, Suzanne Jackson, Charlie Lyne and Lilly Higgins are bloggers that I myself follow and take inspiration from on how to make blogging brilliant.

These five tips can provide you with the platform to be able to tap away on your computer and create your own original and interesting blog on; topical conversations, things that are of interest to you, food, fashion or films, or interesting content that your audience (otherwise known as followers) are looking for.

1. Engage with your followers and get them involved

This tip for me, is one of the most important! People love to be included within the topic of conversation whether it be through answering questions, competitions or expressing their opinion in a comment. According to Mashable, it’s a great way for bloggers to gain instant likes and increase engagement with the brand. So ask questions, get them to discuss their feelings and experiences or ask them to complete a survey before they read the blog to get them thinking first.

Allie Lewis states that by engaging with your audience, ”They will realize that they are important to you and you value them, making them more likely to remain happy with your company”.

2. Planning is KEY 

Planning in all aspects of life is essential, but it’s especially useful for blogging. Know what you want to write about and plan it first! Yes, original thoughts and spur of the moment writing are key but always plan the topic of conversation beforehand. You don’t want your blog taking up every minute and hour of your day and it will, if you’re not organised! Alexandra Sky reminds her readers to ”plan accordingly. Just like a magazine”.


3. Be yourself, be legit!

TechCruch state that you should be yourself, and trust me, people will listen if you do. Don’t try to be too techy, people are smart, they’ll know if it’s not the real you. Show your followers your point of view through your personality, passion and enthusiasm and if they appreciate it, excellent!  By doing this it allows you to become relatable. Post what you and your followers want to read, not what you think will please others. So show people the real interesting you!


4. WELCOME negative comments 

If people are reacting to your posts, positively or on occasion negatively, then congrats, be proud, you’ve created a successful blog post! For first time bloggers, a single negative comment can knock you back a step, but according to Image, it’s important to ”know how to handle them” and keep on writing. The vast majority of your followers will react positively but remember, not every reader is going to completely agree with what you have to say. Alternative points of view challenge our thinking and promote further debate on a blog post which should be welcomed. However, if you are receiving constant negative comments from a single person (known as a troll) don’t worry they can be blocked! Keep going for those who enjoy your work.




5. Create usable content 

Remember, Social Media Today and Usability Geek mention that, a lot of your followers will, use, listen or share your content, if it is ”directly relevant to their interests” or they are able to learn something from it. For example, if you have a blog about fashion, then your followers may come to you for the latest fashion fixes or trends. Provide them with what they are looking for. Let them know where they can purchase certain products, or inform them of this seasons fashion disasters. You will thrive, if your content solves certain needs or gives followers knowledge about a subject.

Trust me, if you utilize these tips, you will not only create large amounts of traffic towards your blog but it will enable you to develop relationships with your followers. Give it a go!

Best of luck and happy blogging,