What Information Can I REALLY Get From Google Analytics?

Ever questioned what Google Analytics is really about and it how may benefit you as a marketer?

Whether it’s boosting sales, increasing traffic or knowing where your customers have come from, Google Analytics has all the tools, statistics and information that can provide users with all of these countless added benefits. What is Google Analytics some many ask? The below video answer The What, They Why and The How…

And why does one need it?……Since researching Google Analytics and bustling through interesting articles and blogs, I’ve been awakened to the mind-blowing abilities on how it can provide fresh insights on user behaviour and how it can help one better understand their marketing efforts. As consumer trends and behaviours are changing on a daily basis, it’s important for companies to keep track of this, so why not it with the help of Google Analytics. It’s for free! There certainly is lots to learn about what you can REALLY get from Google Analytics.

Allows for Re-Marketing

Google informs people that re-marketing can tell us things about people’s behaviour on our sites, where they have comes from and where they will go to next so that you can create targeted ads. For example if you are a fireplace company and you know someone has visited your site, re-marketing enables you to serve and target them with advertising that they are looking for, even after they have left your site. Smartbugmedia states that the majority of customers will have to encounter an advert more than once before they purchase so this is why it is very beneficial and it also adds to your brand exposure.


Speeds up your site

Google Analytics enables you to see how long it took your visitors to get to your sites.  Both Forbes and I believe, this is excellent information to be knowledgeable about. We’ve all been on the receiving line where you’ve been waiting a lifetime for a webpage to load. Receiving high speed loading time onto a website can be the icing to some customer’s experience. Google Analytics enables companies to see which sections of their websites are dragging down the lead time and which areas need to be fixed. Enhancing the speed that it takes to get someone onto your webpage, increases customer satisfaction and heightens your chance of being within the top search results.


Geographical Tracking

I’ll admit, geographical tracking is not as strong in Ireland in comparison to other countries but LunaMetrics explains how it still provides you with that all important research and feedback on the locations people are coming from. For example, it can tell you that 80% of your traffic is coming from Ireland and 20% from the U.S. It’s the trend that most companies will look for not the exact detail.

But why would you want to know that?? Advertising targeting tactics, that’s why! Knowing this information is extremely useful for targeting your ads. Shopify’s blog mentions that it is also a great way for local businesses to learn if their marketing creations are driving traffic from the wanted regions or learn about countries that they are not yet catering for.

Understand which mobile devices people are using to reach your page – 

Hubspot mentions how the mobile world continues to grow so this is why it is now more than ever, crucial for a company’s website to be mobile friendly. In my opinion this should be the first communication platforms that is created. Google Analytics can tell you the exact devices that people are using and it can even go to such detail as the amount of time spent on an iPad verses androids or iPhone. Knowing the exact devices people are using, as mention by Hallam Blog, enables you to create effective content to suit the most used devices and ensure that the most popular devices used are user friendly for your website.

Identify the keywords people use – 

As mentioned by Social Media Examiner Google Analytics can identify the key words that people use, in order to gain access to your site. This is one of the first steps that any marketer should achieve because, remember… it’s not about what you’re trying to sell, it’s what the consumer will be searching!! Google Analytic reports can show for example, that 10 people landed on my website after googling the term ‘’cheap insurance’’. This identifies that companies should invest in these key words, to help with things such as pay per click advertising and gain a higher position in search results seen as Hubspot noted that, 75% of users don’t go past the first page of search results and generate traffic to their website.


Install a Google Analytics tracking code to your website, with the help of Google Support so you too can track all elements of your website!

Until next time,